CVB to fund Sundays at Crossroads Museum

Alcorn StockCORINTH – The Crossroads Museum soon will be able to open Sunday afternoon hours for visitors, due to support from the Corinth Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The CVB on Tuesday voted to provide funding to the museum of about $360 that will pay for a staff member to keep the museum open on Sunday afternoons through Sept. 30, the end of the CVB’s fiscal year. The CVB board will review the arrangement at that time to determine if it should continue.

The museum, which is across the parking lot from the tourism office, for years was an information station for the tourism office on weekends and the CVB supported that function. After the CVB turned operation and revenue generation for the

Green Market at the Corinth Deport over to the museum, the CVB discontinued regular payments to the museum.

With a payment for this service resuming, the museum board is expected to determine how soon Sunday afternoon hours will begin.

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