Desserts come in many forms

If you go to any Southern gathering like a potluck or church social, keep your fork – or spoon – after dinner because the best is yet to come.
Southerners pride themselves on their homemade desserts. They’ll swear by their grandmother’s recipe for red velvet cake, banana pudding and pecan pie. The sweet treat after dinner is part of the tradition.
According to the owners of Los Angeles-based Southern Girl Desserts, desserts in the South are an intrinsic part of the region’s hospitality. It’s a way to show people they are welcome.
The feeling, combined with the want for good Southern treats on the West Coast, is one of the reasons they started the catering company.
Southerners can appreciate a good old-fashioned apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream, but their tastes include many more options.
Desserts vary according to the time of the year and the degree of festivity.
Summer desserts include peach cobbler, lemon ice box pie and blackberry cobbler, while cold weather desserts tend to be richer and include pecan pie, homemade fudge, pralines, divinity and sweet potato pie.
Everyday lunch desserts, such as banana pudding and four-layer chocolate cake, will complete a meal with flair and are commonplace in Northeast Mississippi restaurants.
Desserts such as chocolate pie, apple dumplings and bread pudding require more work and usually are served on special occasions.
Many of the best desserts in Northeast Mississippi are found in home kitchens around the region. Yet several restaurants can hold their own, using family recipes tested at countless holidays and events and honed on hundreds of customers.
Here are six reader-nominated restaurants that have desserts that will leave a lasting impression.

Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

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