Everything but windows

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

After teaching kids for 30 years, Carol Allen and Vickie Moore know how to juggle multiple tasks.
So it’s no big surprise their business falls back on their experience.
Allen and Moore formed Ms. Concierge a little more than a year ago with a mission to “assist individuals in maintaining their independence.”
That description covers a vast array of possibilities, but among the services they provide is running errands, shopping, helping with appointments, gift wrapping and simply waiting or accompanying people.
“Just ask, and we can tell you if we can do it,” said Moore. “We like to say we do everything but windows.”
The idea popped up, Allen said, with family in mind.
“We both have aging parents and we realized there was a need for something like this,” she said.
“My mother is 90 and still leads an active life. She can no longer drive except in Baldwyn. So we started providing services for her and people like her who can’t do everything for themselves.”
Maybe a client needs to get medications from a pharmacy – Ms. Concierge can pick them up.
Missed an anniversary or special occasion and need flowers delivered? Ms. Concierge has you covered.
The ladies also can run to the store, pick up laundry and escort you to the doctor’s office or beauty shop. They also have been known to just listen.
Ms. Concierge can tailor their services to clients’ needs.
“But we’re not a taxi service,” Allen said. “We want to make that clear.”
A flat rate of $25 per hour is charged, plus any additional charges for things such as dry cleaning, groceries, etc. Anything more than an hour is charged in 15-minute increments at $6.25.
Time begins when one of the ladies arrives at a client’s residence. Any errands more than 20 miles are charged at the government’s standard mileage rate.
Ms. Concierge also offers a variety of monthly packages.
And while the business seems to fit well with the elderly, Allen and Moore said their services suit many age groups.
“It’s not just for the elderly,” Moore said. “We provide services for anybody who needs it.”
For example, a young mother with a handful of kids might need a helping hand to run an errand or two. Or a client might have a business appointment and can’t hang around for the plumber or electrician.
“We’ll wait at the house for them,” Allen said.
And young adults with aging parents and multiple responsibilities can call on Ms. Concierge to help them juggle their duties.
“We’re not trying to take the place of the children,” Moore said, “but we can help those older parents with our services.”
The ladies split their coverage areas. Allen, who lives in Baldwyn, covers from there to Tupelo. Moore, who lives in Mooreville, covers from there to Fulton.
But no matter where you live, said Allen, “just ask and we can tell you what we can or can’t do for you.”
While Ms. Concierge is still a two-woman crew, the business does have a few backups. However, Allen or Moore don’t want to grow too big because they want to maintain close, personal relationships with their clients. If the business expands too much, it will lose that touch, Allen said.
And while one description of the business might be “lending a helping hand,” Moore has a better one.
“I call it, ‘we love ’em up,’” she said.

Ms. Concierge
• Call Carol Allen at (662) 401-3990 or Vickie Moore at (662) 255-1271 for more information.

• Visit www.msconciergellc.com

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