Furniture & Home Accessories Show returns to market

By Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Furniture & Home Accessories Show made its debut at the fall Tupelo Furniture Market, and officials say the show will be bigger and better for next week’s spring market.
The show is open to the public, unlike the rest of the market, where access is limited to registered furniture buyers and retailers.
As for Building I, where the FHAS will be held, attendees will have plenty to see.
“We’ll have every showroom filled, along with the exhibition space on the floor,” said Kevin Seddon, the Tupelo Furniture Market’s president.
Last fall’s inaugural show featured scores of furniture companies and accessories dealers, but the building was not filled.
But Seddon said the market made a more concerted effort this time to get exhibitors to the event.
“Last year was the first time for us to do something like this, and to be honest, we were sure what to expect,” he said. “There was some reluctance from exhibitors as well, but now that we all have a better feel for what we want do with the show, everybody’s been very positive.”
At the first show, some of the Tupelo Furniture Market’s regular exhibitors that sell to both furniture retailers and the public were shifted over to Building I. Other companies that sell to both wholesale and retail customers were recruited, too.
“Many business-to-business trade events have exhibiting companies that invite the public,” Seddon said. “This can sometimes cause concern with other participating companies that have no desire to have the public walking into their showroom space. So, we created an ‘event within our event’ which offers a win-win solution for all our exhibitors, our retailers and the public which has a keen interest in finding great values on furniture and home accessories that they could never find anywhere else.”
The Furniture & Home Accessories Show will run concurrent with the fall market, which is Feb. 28-March 3. The show is open to the public, and attendees will be given badges that must be worn at all times. They will not have access to the rest of the market.
“The second iteration of the Furniture & Home Accessories Show will not only be larger, but will have far more furniture for sale than our first event” said Janice Coleman, TFM’s marketing director. “More than a quarter of the more than 150,000 square foot building has been sold to companies selling furniture only and at incredible prices. And there are so many new companies selling accessories and other home related products that its almost overwhelming.
“The companies chosen to showcase at this event are either in the home furnishings and home accessories sector, which has always been our strength, or they are specialty and niche market companies selling unique home products, art and fashion,” said added.

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