Gas prices climbing in Northeast MS

Remember yesterday when we said (previous coverage) gas prices were holding steady so far in Tupelo? They jumped overnight as Isaac prepares to make landfall on the Gulf Coast.

We asked readers to call us if they saw gas prices jump. Sure enough, our phones have been ringing all morning.

Gas stations we’ve heard about so far:

Kroger at Crosstown was $3.53 yesterday. Is $3.57 today as of 8 a.m. UPDATE at 11:15: It’s dropped down to $3.53.

Shell at Eason was $3.55 yesterday. Is $3.69 today.

Houston was $3.59 yesterday. Is $3.69 today.

McCullough was $3.55 yesterday. Is $3.69 today.

Houston gas was $3.54 Friday. Now it’s $3.72 at the same station.

Sprint Mart in Barnes Crossing is $3.69 now. Reader didn’t know what it was before.

Brewer gas station was $3.53 yesterday. Is $3.69 today.

BP at corner of North Gloster and Jackson: $3.69

Savings in Tupelo: $3.57

Texaco, Shell & Exxon in Tupelo $3.69

Sam’s member price: $3.51 today. Was $3.37 Friday.

Valero on North Gloster $3.69

Shell on North Gloster $3.69

Loves $3.49

Sherman is $3.55 today.

* These prices are for a gallon of regular. They came from readers and Biz Editor Dennis Seid.

Click here to see the gas prices from Friday.

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The governor’s office and the attorney general’s offices are keeping tabs on price-gouging, but the mandate does NOT apply to counties north of Highway 20.

Previous coverage (full text):

Monday evening, Bryant issued an order banning price gouging in south Mississippi during Isaac.

The order applies to all counties through which Interstate 20 passes, and all counties south of there.

Jan Schaefer, a spokeswoman for Hood, said at the news conference the AG’s office already had 20 phone calls from people complaining about price gouging – mostly related to gasoline prices and one complaint about a motel.

In a statement, Bryant said, “Price-gouging is something to be taken seriously. Mississippians, especially those responding to the threat of emergency, deserve to be treated with integrity and fairness by businesses, and I fully expect businesses that operate in this state to act accordingly.”

When the law is invoked, Hood said retailers can increase prices if their costs increase.

“Retailers just have to be careful to keep their profit margin consistent with what they were getting prior to the proclamation allowing us to enforce the statute,” Hood said.

Hood said people can call his office a 1-800-281-4418 to file a complaint or go to the web site at for more information.

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