Hickory Springs increases environmental efforts

By Daily Journal Reports

VERONA – Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company’s received a check for more than $25,000 from TVA after implementing the EFEC system at its Verona facility.
Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture is an American Home Furnishings Alliance environmental management system designed to showcase a company’s commitment to progressive environmental stewardship.
As part if the EFEC initiative, Hickory Springs-Verona completed a large lighting upgrade that removed 943 old, inefficient lighting fixtures with 510 highly efficient fluorescent fixtures. The project will bring a yearly savings of more than 340,000 kilowatt hours.
That amount of electricity is equivalent to the energy used by 36 average American homes. It will reduce the carbon footprint of the Hickory Springs plant by more than 241 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Contract labor was provided by a local electrical contractor; Lackey Electric and the light fixtures were assembled in North Carolina.
TVA’s Energyright program funded a large part of the energy savings initiative. The program provides incentives to businesses that make energy efficiency improvements. Qualifying energy efficiency improvements include lighting, HVAC, compressed air, process heating and cooling and fans and blowers.
By applying for and receiving the cash incentive, Hickory Springs was able to shorten the financial payback of this project by 22 percent.
Hickory Springs also is reducing waste through a recycling program which includes paper, cardboard, plastics, bottles and can waste. It is projected that these efforts will reduce the company’s solid waste going to the landfill by up to 30 percent during the next year.

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