By Adam Armour/Staff Writer

The business is named S&H Feed, but that hardly describes the scope of the place. When asked to describe his business, owner Shannon Lindley rattled off a laundry list of items and services, from the wholesale of dog food to an indoor archery range. There’s hunting supplies and clothing; guns and bows; CB radios (Lindley also can repair a CB); building supplies and mobile home accessories; fishing gear; feed; gardening; and animal health supplies.
Hugging the Tishomingo County line, S&H Feed has become a staple of the Golden area. For more than 20 years, the Lindley family has been providing supplies of all types to the area’s farmers.
“We started out buying mobile homes and fixing them up and then reselling them,” Lindley said.
Gradually, the business began to grow. The business began selling mobile home parts, then added building supplies.
“Soon, we decided to try selling a little feed,” Lindley said. It just kept getting bigger and bigger from there.”
Now, S&H provides the feed sold at more than 200 businesses in several states. It also bags and sells more than 1 million pounds of dog food annually.
Because the business is well-established, Lindley feels he has a bit of creative freedom in what he can offer.
“We just started to dream,” he said of the various expansions.

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