HOMEGROWN: World Famous Piezons Pizza and Pasta

By Adam Armour | NEMS Daily Journal

World Famous Piezons Pizza and Pasta

Owner: Stan Miller
Address: 1305 S. Adams St., Fulton
Hours: Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Established: 1994
Employees: Five
Primary business: Italian food and catering
Facebook: Pie Zons
Twitter: Piezons
Advice: “Pay your bills first and then pay yourself. Expect there to be some good times, but don’t let them go to your head. Slow times are around the corner and you have to be prepared or you will not be here to see the good times again.”

Stan Miller has been a small business owner since 1994 – a man with a passion for Italian cuisine and a firm belief that pizza is one of the greatest foods in the history of mankind.
“I have never been one to count the hours I put in here,” said Miller, owner of World Famous Piezons Pizza and Pasta in Fulton.
“Frankly,” he added with a laugh, “it would be devastating to know just how much time is exchanged for so little pay. I just know what has to be done and I do it.”
His passion for cooking stems from a childhood spent in the kitchen.
Miller said after college he took a job as a pizza delivery driver and cook, just to make ends meet.
“I have always been interested in owning my own business and thought since I love to cook, I’d give opening my own small restaurant a shot,” he said. “Seventeen years later, I’m still trying my best to improve every dish.”
Miller said he couldn’t be happier with his career choice.
“The absolute best part of my job is hearing someone say to me, ‘That was the best pizza I have ever eaten,’” he said.
He’s also participated and placed in several pizza world championships.
“Whenever I go somewhere that allows me to be among some of the best cooks in the world, I’m like a sponge soaking up everything I can,” he said. “It helps me create new dishes for the store and gives me a chance to see first-hand how others may cook the same thing in other parts of the country.”

– Adam Armour

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