Inspections: Ichiban, Romie’s BBQ, Gurley’s 8/30/12

Lots of inspections this week.

Plus, it looks like we have a new restaurant opening in the former Flowerdale Marketplace. It’s called Sweet Tea & Biscuits, according to the health department records.


The state Department of Health regularly inspects restaurants and food facilities.

The facilities are graded from A to C. “A” is the best. “C” is the equivalent of failing, but the inspection isn’t bad enough to merit the closure of the restaurant.

The following Lee County facilities were inspected between Augut. 23 and Thursday.

The facilities are listed as they are in the MSDH system, even if there are typos.


Arby’s (South Gloster)

Wendy’s (West Main)

Knight’s Drive Inn (McCullough)

Old Venice

Itawamba Community College Culinary Arts Kitchen

Sweet Tea & Biscuits (2025 McCullough Boulevard) Carlie note: New restaurant? We think so. This is the address for Flowerdale Marketplace, which moved in June to Industrial Road.

Saltillo High School

Saltillo Elementary School

Design Your Way (caterer in Shannon)

Gurley’s (Guntown)

Chef’s (2447 Eason Boulevard)

Hazel’s Pizza Pitt (Guntown)

Back Yard Burgers


Sanctuary Hospice House

Williams Barbecue BQ (2959 Willie Moore Road)

Romie’s Barbeque

Borrowed Thyme (825 Jefferson St.)

Tea for T’Arts at His-Hers (downtown Tupelo)


Barnes & Noble


A Gold Star – 8/23/12 – in compliance on all items but can’t make higher than a B after scoring a C.

Express Shop #34 – 8/29/12 – in compliance on all items but can’t make higher than a B after scoring a C.


Express Shop #34 (108 Turner Park in Saltillo) – 8/24/12- not in compliance: hands clean and properly washed; hot & cold water available with adequate pressure

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