Inspections: Multipurpose centers 9/6/12

Light week for inspections (read last week’s). No restaurants, just multipurpose centers and they were inspected Friday.

No inspections have been posted for this week. Not sure if there haven’t been inspections or if they just aren’t in the system yet.

Either way, let’s get started …

The state Department of Health regularly inspects restaurants and food facilities.

The facilities are graded from A to C. “A” is the best. “C” is the equivalent of failing, but the inspection isn’t bad enough to merit the closure of the restaurant.

The following Lee County facilities were inspected between Aug. 31 and today.

The facilities are listed as they are in the MSDH system, even if there are typos.

— A’s —

Pratt Satelite Multipurpose (Baldwyn feeding center)

Tupelo Multipurpose Center (5338 Cliff Gookin – feeding center)

Verona Satelite Multipurpose Center (151 Mattox – feeding center)

Saltillo Multipurpose Satellite Center (216 Park St – feeding center)

— B’s & C’s —


Click here to read the full reports.

To check facilities in other counties, go to

The health department’s disclaimer:

“If in doubt about any facility, call the responsible health department. Data are for informational purposes, not enforcement.”

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