UPDATE: Watch Noble’s first on-camera interview By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Sonny Noble defined himself for nearly six years through employment at the North Lee County Water Association, once working almost continuously for three days straight, even enjoying 3 a.m. calls related to leaks, dirty water and malfunctioning wells. Logging in 50 hours […]

Daily Journal Stanford Financial Group victims who lost more than $7 billion in a fraudulent investment scheme cannot get compensation from a financial services corporation created to compensate victims of financial fraud. An appeals court judge in Washington, D.C., on Friday agreed with a district court’s earlier decision that victims of the Ponzi scheme could […]

By Adam Armour Itawamba County Times “I bought her from an old Amish fella up in Tennessee,” said Stanley Underwood, 83, giving a firm couple of pats to the neck of his mule, Hat. Yes, that’s her name. It started out as Pat, but … “I didn’t much like that,” he said, brushing his hands […]

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Randy Groover hopes to reopen Havoline Xpress Lube on North Gloster Street by mid-September, nearly five months after it was all but wiped away by the April 28 tornado.

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal TUPELO – By mid-September, the store that paved the way for Randy Groover’s successful seven-store Havoline Xpress Lube franchise will reopen, nearly five months after it was all but wiped away. On April 28, barely two weeks after celebrating his company’s 20th anniversary in business, Groover saw his flagship store […]


We hear about risk a lot in the investment world. Everyone wants to mitigate risk and increase returns. It’s a great idea, but not very easy to implement. One reason it is hard to implement is that most investors I have run across don’t really understand risk as well as they should. They are making […]

For years, the United States has been dancing around what to do with some 12 million illegal immigrants – or “undocumented immigrants” if you prefer. A “path to citizenship” has been decried by many on the right, but that plan was put in play nearly 30 years ago. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act […]

Q. My mom is 71 and debt-free. She’s investing $600 a month in a universal life insurance policy worth $250,000 because she wants to leave something behind when she dies. What could she invest this money in, other than the life insurance policy, in order to leave an estate? A. This is a good question. […]

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Ali Fratesi looks after one of the egg-laying chickens at Beaverdam farms as Dustin Pinion carries buckets of feed. The chickens are inside a moveable electric fencing, which allows the farmers to move the chickens along behind High Hopes Farm's grass-fed beef. The chickens scratch up cow manure in the pastures the cows have recently grazed, fertilizing the soil and eating the larvae.

By JB Clark Daily Journal CEDAR BLUFF – Two Clay County farmers are changing the way people think about livestock farming and in the process, they hope, changing the state’s regulations for the way small farmers sell their meat. Ali Fratesi, 27, and Dustin Pinion, 28, raise chickens and pigs at Beaverdam Fresh Farms a […]

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal TUPELO – More than 10,000 insurance claims valued at $144 million resulting from the April 28 tornados have been processed, but there have been few problems so far. That’s according to Mississippi Insurance Commissioner and state Fire Marshal Mike Chaney, who spoke on a variety of topics Friday to the […]