Pizza Pro now open in former Cici’s Pizza

By NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Pizza Pro has opened in the shopping center anchored by Old Navy.
The pizza buffet restaurant is located in the former Cici’s Pizza. It’s open daily at 11 a.m.
For a limited time, Pizza Pro will serve its all-youcan-eat buffet for $4.99.
Diners also can order from the menu.

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  • Jennifer McFarland

    First off, don’t yell across the store… come over to me and just apologize for not having a drink available and offer a refund on the drink and ask me to leave my drink outside. Second, let people know before they pay, that you only have water and it’s going to be almost $2. Third, don’t have a fountain drink of your own behind the counter in the pizza making section that came from somewhere else. Fourth, don’t play on your cell phone while your trying to ring up my food. Fifth, make sure you have food on the buffet, not empty trays. Sixth, Fill the salad containers – they were empty. Seventh, when I ask for a fork – don’t tell me they are at the end of the salad. It was an empty container! Fill it up. Eighth, when I told you that all of your drinks were flat or the carbonation wasn’t working – Don’t pretend to go in the back like you didn’t already know. Then, tell me that its all out. Ninth, when I ask for a refund, don’t rudely tell me no cuz I already ate. I couldn’t eat because I didn’t have anything to drink! Tenth, when I never return to your store for repeat business and I tell everyone that I come in contact with how rude you were to me; don’t wonder why you lost your job and your store closed. Just, remember everything that happened not only to one customer; but, hundreds!