Reports: Restaurant to open in ex-Shogun bldg

Have we mentioned lately that y’all are AWESOME?!? Wow. First, you blew up our phones last week when we asked if you saw gas prices jump at your regular station after Isaac hit.

And now, you’ve been filling up our inboxes and Twitter feeds with tips about the new restaurant going into the former Shogun building on North Gloster.

Shogun closed in May (previous coverage).

We’re in and out of meetings all day so we can’t get over to get the scoop today, but we wanted to let you know we are on it.

Multiple readers have said there’s a new sign on the building. The sign was covered with a black tarp, but the wind knocked it loose. Readers said they saw “International Cuisine” on the sign.

Thanks especially to William Crump, Jon Pernell and another tipster who wants to remain anonymous.

Thank you for your tips! We’ll check into the restaurant ASAP. Plus, we’re following up on a few other restaurant rumors.

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