Toyota MS jobs now online

4 p.m. update: We spoke with David Copenhaver of TMMMS and he said the production job hiring should start in about a month.

He said the current salaried jobs listed will be on the site until the end of the month.

Also, he said if you were in the process of getting hired before Toyota put the plant on hold, you have to apply again. He said your information should be in the system already, but you still have to apply for the job you want.


Toyota has 27 jobs lists on its website, as of today, for the Blue Springs plant.

Here’s the tweet from @CDFMS:

TOYOTA JOBS ARE ONLINE: Job postings are up for Professional salaried positions-no word yet on hourly production jobs:

Click here to view the jobs. Put “Mississippi” in the keyword box for the local jobs.

Here are the job openings as of 11 a.m. Monday:

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