Businesses celebrate the King

By Carlie Kollath/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Several Tupelo businesses are going “All-Elvis” for the King’s birthday this weekend, and the owner hopes more companies will join in.
Bernard Bean is one of the owners of the Fairpark Grill, Harvey’s, Sweet Peppers Deli and Park Heights. Friday and today, the restaurants are adding more Elvis flair in honor of the musician who was born 76 years ago on Jan. 8.
“I just think with Elvis being born here, he is probably what we are best known for and citizens need to celebrate it,” he said. “Anything to have a little fun and celebrate our community is good.”
The restaurants are playing Elvis music and serving Elvis-inspired food, while employees are in Elvis attire.
At the Fairpark Grill, the Elvis-inspired dishes include a mini version of the fools’ gold sandwich, a delicacy that, according to legend, caused Elvis to fly from Memphis to Colorado so he could satiate his craving for it. He had the sandwiches delivered to the airport, ate them with friends and returned to Graceland without ever leaving the airport, according to Wikipedia.
The Colorado Mine Co. makes the original sandwich, which is a hollowed-out loaf of Italian bread, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jelly and a pound of bacon.
Fairpark Grill server Kristian Galloway said the mini version of the sandwich wasn’t a big hit for lunch, but a few people ordered it.
A lot more people ordered the peanut butter and banana cookies with vanilla ice cream, she said.
“Our angle is to serve what Elvis ate and to play his music,” Bean said. “We can’t miss the opportunity to celebrate it. The more we do, the more fun it is.”
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