By Carolyn Bahm

By Carolyn Bahm

Daily Journal

PONTOTOC Pontotoc is recalling old-fashioned Southern glamour this spring. Slip into your finery and join the fun.

Majestic Lochinvar, an antebellum mansion in Pontotoc County, is opening its doors and the grounds for a Grand Plantation Celebration on June 8. The indoor/outdoor event, beginning at 7 p.m., will serve in lieu of the city’s traditional spring pilgrimage of homes.

The Goodrich String Band of Pontotoc County will perform instrumental and vocal period music throughout the celebration. The band includes Robert Goodrich and his son, Ken Goodrich, both of Troy; two sisters, Martha Jo Coleman and Brenda McCharen, both of Thaxton; and Lynn Reedy of Derma. The musicians will recreate old-fashioned ballads and waltzes with their violin, mandolin, guitars and bass.

The June event is still in the planning stages: Military re-enactors will perform, and there will be demonstrations of period dancing. Onlookers will be invited to join the dancing. Lochinvar also will be open for touring during part of the event.

Drs. Janis Burns Tutor and Forrest Tutor, owners of Lochinvar, will be on hand in their own period attire for the celebration. She said she doesn’t know how to do ballroom dancing, but that won’t stop them from enjoying the festivities.

All visitors at the Grand Plantation Celebration are invited to dress in formal period costume, although this is not required. Dressy modern clothing is fine.

Refreshments will include some period food, including teacakes, tea and fried chicken, as well as heavy hors d’ouevres. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

Starting in early May, tickets will be sold at the Pontotoc Chamber of Commerce and at other locations to be announced later. Tickets are $10 per person.

The Town & Country Garden Club of Pontotoc, headed by club president Cindy Farris, is sponsoring the celebration. Event chairman Sadie Kenney is assisted by JoAnne Bradley in coordinating the event.

Proceeds primarily will benefit the Pontotoc County Historical Society Museum now being organized, with additional donations made to the Pontotoc County Chapter of the American Cancer Society and the Pontotoc Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, call Bradley at 489-5481 after 5 p.m.

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