Caldwell Cemetery in Monroe County destroyed

AMORY – Several weeks ago, local surveyor Charles Fears and his son, Scott, noticed that the historic Caldwell Cemetery, located off Hwy. 25 between Amory and Smithville, had been cleaned up. Upon stopping to see the cleanup work, they discovered that the cemetery had not only been cleaned up, but the tombstones had been moved and were lying in the grass.

Caldwell Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Monroe County. According to a listing of cemeteries in the county, there are 17 people buried there with the oldest grave dating back to 1821.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. was notified that the cemetery had been tampered with which is against the law. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the cemetery located on property owned by Dr. John Helton and his wife, Shawn, had been cleaned up when other work on the property was done.

According to Dr. Helton, the tombstones on the property had been broken before the clearing and cleanup work had started.

“The cemetery was completely grown up and overrun with weeds,” Helton said. “There were so many stumps in the cemetery. My plans are to eventually reset the tombstones and put up a fence around the cemetery.”

Alice Ortiz/Monroe Journal

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