CALHOUN CITY:Officially green

CALHOUN CITY – As ecology infiltrates deeper and deeper into the national consciousness, even small towns like this one start to think about the actions they can take.
Town and chamber of commerce officials have taken their first major steps down the road to greener living with a cooperative effort on recycling.
Sister Judy Sinnwell, who presented a program on recycling to chamber members last year, will help lead the efforts of the new Chamber Green Committee. Bro. Scott Wright will co-chair the committee, which also has as members Rhonda Ray and Jarrod Davis.
“We’re just getting started,” Sinnwell said. She said the committee’s work would include a large measure of advocacy of green issues.
Meanwhile, mayor J.R. Denton has put the power of government behind the recycling push, requesting at least one recycling bin through Three Rivers Planning and Development District, which oversees solid waste disposal in the county.
Three Rivers “is seeking a regional grant to put out bins in each of its counties, and we would get one,” Denton said.
Sometimes “green” is a matter of circumstance rather than purpose, and Calhoun City accomplished that in its renovation of City Hall.
“It’s a sustainability issue, remodeling an old building instead of building a completely new building,” Denton said. “You save on new materials.”
The cost of a little insulation for the remodeling and rehabilitation project is already paying dividends in energy savings, another benefit of the project. Denton announced at this month’s meeting that City Hall’s energy bills had dropped by up to half since the city moved back into the building.

Mack Spencer/Monitor-Herald

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