Cameron tells Kadhafi it is 'time to go'

By The Associated Press

LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday told Libya leader Moamer Kadhafi that it was “time to go”, saying there was no role for the long-serving ruler in the troubled country’s future.
Speaking after the successful mission to rescue 150 nationals from the Libyan desert, the leader said: “All of this sends a clear message to this regime: it is time for Colonel Kadhafi to go and to go now.
“There is no future for Libya that includes him,” Cameron added.
The government earlier Sunday froze the assets which Kadhafi and his family have held in the European country and revoked the embattled leader’s diplomatic immunity.
“We are now putting serious pressure on this regime,” Cameron said. “The travel ban and the asset freeze are the measures we are taking against the regime to show just how isolated they are.”
Earlier, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said in a statement that the decision to freeze Kadhafi’s British-held assets had been taken “so that they cannot be used against the interests of the Libyan people”.
Two Royal Air Force C130 Hercules transport planes involved in Sunday’s rescue landed in Malta after picking up civilians from multiple locations in the desert, with the third expected to land soon after, Defence Secretary Liam Fox said.

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