Candidates to draw lots for fifth alderman

GUNTOWN – Guntown will draw lots at noon today to break a tie for the fifth seat on the Board of Aldermen.
George “Mickey” Kuykendall and Jacqueline Shumpert tied in the general election with 120 votes each.
Guntown Municipal Clerk Shelly McKee had hoped that nine affidavit ballots would break the tie Wednesday morning or even bump up the 118 votes for Bob Langner, but only one ballot was valid.
After some questions about whether the race would be determined by lot or runoff, McKee said the state attorney general’s office said it must be decided by a “fairly and publicly drawn lot.”
Candidates selected the method of lot. Options included flipping a coin, selecting colored pebbles and drawing straws.
Kuykendall and Shumpert agreed on different colored checkers.
McKee said the lot will be drawn today at noon in the Town Hall Courtroom by the election commissioners with the aid of two qualified electors of the municipality.
Petey J. Hopkins, Greg Cagle, Bob Davis and Ronny Lindsey won the other four seats on the board, which is made up of at-large members.

Carlie Kollath/NEMS Daily Journal

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