Cantrell, Maxey in runoff

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Despite some wet weather early on, a large number of Monroe County voters went to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes in county and state races.
Though officials results had not been completed as of Wednesday morning, Aug. 6, totals from Tuesday’s election show more than 13,000 Monroe Countians went to the polls and cast their votes.
Circuit Court Clerk Judy Butler said despite recent redistricting, the election went very smoothly. Votes were counted into the early morning hours Wednesday.
The results below are ballots cast in Tuesday’s election along with absentee ballots. Affidavit ballots were to be counted Wednesday. Results from Tuesday’s election will not be made official until after the affidavit ballots are counted.
Candidates in both Democratic and Republican primaries who did not receive more than 50 percent of the total vote will be placed in the runoff elections which will be Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Democratic Results
In one of the top races in Monroe County, the incumbent Ruble Maxey will face off with challenger Cecil Cantrell in a runoff election.
Cantrell was the top vote-getter in the seven candidate Democratic field. Cantrell received 3,861 votes, 29.88 percent. Maxey came in second with 2,774 votes, 21.46 percent.
Aberdeen Police Chief Brent Coleman came in third in the polling with 2,675 votes, 20.70 percent, followed by Ray Blaylock with 2,465 votes, 19.07 percent; Prentiss Wigginton with 796, 5.95 percent; Michael L. Griffin with 158 votes, 1.22 percent; and J.L. Johnson with 116 votes, .89 percent.
In the Superintendent of Eduction race, incumbent Jimmy Dahlem will face Terry Walters in the runoff election.
Dahlem received 2,689 votes, 46.47 percent. Challenger Walters got 1,624 votes, 28.06 percent.
A third candidate, Van Pearson, received 1,337 votes, 23.10 percent.
Only one democratic candidate for county supervisor avoided a runoff. District 1 incumbent supervisor Randle Gray received 1,575 votes, 55.61 percent, to avoid a runoff and proceed straight to the November 4, General Election. He has no Republican opponent.
Charles R. Marshall came in second with 943 votes, 33.29 percent, followed by Will Reeves with 170 votes, 6 percent; and Jason B. Hathcock with 110 votes, 3.88 percent.
In the District 2 Supervisor race, incumbent Carroll Moffett will face William W. “Billy” Kirkpatrick in the Aug. 26 runoff.
Kirkpatrick was the top vote-getter with 866 votes, 36.40 percent followed by Moffett with 642, 26.98 percent.
Jerry C. Cantrell received 315 votes, 13.24 percent; Joe Chism got 243 votes, 10.21 percent; Wayne Parish got 219 votes, 9.20 percent and Jerry Mitchell got 70 votes, 2.94 percent.
The runoff for District 3 Supervisor will have incumbent Charles Bryan facing Glen “Chip” Chism. Chism was the top vote-getter with 639 votes, 25.06 percent. Bryan got 606 votes, 23.77 percent.
William Dean Atkins received 483 votes, 18.94 percent, followed by Martin E. Wilson with 470 votes, 18.43 percent; Kenneth “Kenny” Betts with 270 votes, 10.59 percent; and Neal Thompson with 54 votes, 2.11 percent.
In the District 4 Supervisor race former Aberdeen Alderman Wilchie Clay will face current Aberdeen Alderman Brunson Odom in the Aug. 26 runoff. The incumbent, C.E. “Bubba” Henley, did not run for re-election.
Clay was the top vote-getter with 662 votes, 26.40 percent. Odom received 524 votes, 20.90.
Willie Davis “Boochie” Broyles came in third with 483 votes, 19.26 percent, followed by current Aberdeen Alderman Willie A. Cook with 425 votes, 16.95 percent; George L. Kendrick with 195 votes, 7.77 percent; and Russell Rardin with 173 votes, 6.90 percent.
In the District 5 Supervisor race incumbent Rayburn Cox will face challenger Sykes LaGrone in the Aug. 26 runoff.
LaGrone received the most votes, 713, 26.86 percent, with Cox receiving 527 votes, 19.85 percent.
Herbert Jenkins received 486 votes, 18.31 percent, followed by Ronnie Williams with 393 votes, 14.80 percent; Herbert M. Word, Jr. with 259 votes, 12.52 percent; Allison Jenkins Jr. with 108 votes, 4.06 percent; and Jerry McLarty with 15 votes, .56 percent.
Justice Court Judge
Only one of the three Justice Court Judge races will head into the runoff on August 26. In that race Adrian McIntosh Haynes will face Bailey Haney.
Haynes was the top vote-getter with 2,229 votes, 49.16 percent, followed by Haney with 1,191 votes, 26.26 percent.
Other candidates were L.J. “Bubba” Andrews with 528 votes, 11.64 percent; Bob Patterson with 381 votes, 8.40 percent; and Patrick Howard with 83 votes, 1.83 percent.

Decided Races
Five of the county races were decided Tuesday. These are races where only Democratic candidates were running for offices and one candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote.
For coroner incumbent Alan Gurley beat out a pair of challengers to reclaim his office. Gurley received 8,626 votes, or 66.75 percent. Cecil J. Belle came in second with 2,157 votes or 16.69 percent, and Eric Westbrook Matthews received 1,823 votes, or 14.10 percent.
In the race for District 2 Justice Court Judge, incumbent Robert Earl Fowlkes returned to office after fending off two challengers. Fowlkes received 2,215 votes, or 54.16 percent. Donald Gilliland received 1,507 votes, 36.85 percent, and Glen Savage received 220 votes, 5.38 percent.
In the race for District 1 Constable incumbent Ray Adkins beat out his challenger. Adkins got 2,930 votes, 68.17 percent, while Jimmy Pipkins got 892 votes, 20.75 percent.
Bruce West hung on to his office of District 2 Constable, receiving 2,823 votes, 69.03 percent, to Billie Gray’s 1,065 votes, 26.04 percent.
Incumbent Joe Lee Dean beat out a pair of challengers to remain as District 3 Constable. Dean received 3,011 votes, 66.40 percent. challenger Richard Freeman got 1,027 votes, 22.65 percent and Jimmy R. Pace got 346 votes, 7.63 percent.
In five county races, only one candidate qualified to run. Chancery Clerk Ronnie Boozer, Circuit Clerk Judy K. Butler, Tax Assessor Mitzi Faulkner Presley, Tax Collector Nancy C. Stockton and County Attorney Don Baker, all Democrats, will appear on the November 4 General Election ballot.
Republican Results
There was only one county Republican race on Tuesday’s ballot. Wayne Downey won the polling for the District 3 Supervisor race.
Downey received 85 votes, 65.38 percent, beating out Kenny Flippo, who received 44 votes, 33.84 percent.
State Races
In the Democratic primary for state offices incumbent Governor Ronnie Musgrove easily carried Monroe County.
Musgrove received 9,091 votes, 70.35 percent. Challenger Gilbert Fountain got 862 votes, 6.67 percent, followed by Elder E. McLendon with 656 votes, 5.07 percent; Catherine M. Starr with 629 votes, 4.86 percent; and Katie Perrone with 564 votes, 4.36 percent.
In the Lieutenant Governor race, Jim Roberts was the top vote-getter with 6,070 votes, 46.97 percent, followed by Barbara Blackmon with 5,176 votes, 40.05 percent; and Troy D. Brown, Sr. with 947 votes, 7.32 percent.
In the State Treasurer’s race, Robert H. “Rob” Smith was the top vote-getter with 4,677 votes, 36.19 percent, followed by Cindy Ayers Elliott with 3,527 votes, 27.29 percent; and Gary Anderson with 3,370 votes, 26.08 percent.
In the Public Service Commissioner Northern District 3 race, Bo Robinson was the top vote-getter for Monroe County with 10,913 votes, 84.45 percent. Benton White had 1,403 votes, 10.85 percent.
For Transportation Commissioner Northern District 3, William “Bill” Minor, got 6,710 votes, 51.93 percent, followed by Thomas “Tom” Todd with 3,969 votes, 30.71 percent; and A.T. Marlar, Jr. with 965 votes, 7.46 percent.
In the State Representative District 26 Race, David Gibbs was the top vote-getter for Monroe County, receiving 1,423 votes, 65.63 percent, followed by David W. Lambert with 608 votes, 28.04 percent.
In the District 7 State Senate race neither incumbent Democrat Wendell “Hob” Bryan or Republican Chris Brown had primary opposition. They will meet in the November 4 General Election.
The same is true for District 20 Representative incumbent Democrat J.B. Markham and Republican challenger James Tucker.
District 21 Representative incumbent Democrat Bill Miles did not have a Democratic Challenger in Monroe County.
In the state Republican primary, Haley Barbour easily topped Mitch Tyner in Monroe County. Barbour received 241 votes, 88.92 percent, compared to Tyner’s 30 votes, 11.07 percent.
There was no Lieutenant Governor’s race on the primary ballot.
In the State Treasurer’s race, Wayne Burkes was the top vote-getter with 113 votes, 47.47 percent, followed by Andrew Ketchings with 81 votes, 34.03 percent and Tate Reeves with 42 votes, 17.64 percent.
In the race for Agriculture/Commerce Commissioner, Roger D. Crowder was the top vote-getter in the county with 11 votes, 45.45 percent. He was followed by Max Phillips with 65 votes, 26.85 percent; Monroe Countian Fred T. Smith with 35 votes, 14.46 percent; and Kyle Weston Magee with 31 votes, 12.80 percent.
For District 3 Northern Transportation Commissioner, John M.M. Caldwell, Sr. received 179 votes, 75.84 percent, to top Larry Lee, who received 54 votes, 22.88 percent.
The Monroe County votes for the state offices will be added in with totals from across the respective districts or the state to determine winners or runoffs. Runoff elections for state offices will be Tuesday, Aug. 26.

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