Car donated to Tremont police

Staff Writer

“This car is going to be an asset to Tremont,” Mayor Glyn Robinson said, eyeing the 1999 Crown Victoria that will serve as the town’s new police vehicle. “I think it was something we needed myself — something we needed badly.”

The new car comes courtesy of Itawamba County Sheriff Phillip Crane, who is donating the former sheriff’s department patrol car to the town. Crane made an appearance at Tremont’s Town Hall on Monday to pass the vehicle’s title over to Robinson.

The car has been stripped of its sheriff’s department labels, leaving it a naked white and awaiting Tremont’s stripes being placed on its body.

“I felt like Tremont could probably use a new vehicle,” Crane said. “It’s still a good car. It’s fully equipped and ready to go.”

The town’s police chief, Steve Thrasher, formerly patrolled in a 1995 Ford Taurus, but that vehicle was starting to show its age.

“[The car] came at a good time,” Thrasher said with a laugh. “The steering wheel on the old one was getting a bit shaky. I think it was about to come off.”

The idea to donate the car to the town was Crane’s. An appearance before the Itawamba Board of Supervisors granted him permission to pass the vehicle over to the town. The patrol car was originally set to be sold and replaced, but the sheriff felt that Thrasher may have a better use for it.

Tremont’s Board of Aldermen voted to approve acceptance of the car during their Jan. 9 board meeting.

“The board voted for this vehicle to show its seriousness for the safety of the town,” Thrasher said. “They want to keep up with the times. Appearance has a lot to do with respect, and people will respect [the new vehicle] a lot more than that old Ford Taurus.”

“We want to make sure [Thrasher] has something safe to ride in,” Robinson said. “This vehicle’s going to ensure he stays out there.”

Crane commented that he was happy to make the donation. He hopes that the town will be able to put the vehicle to good use.

“We work with all law enforcement agencies,” Crane said. “Tremont is part of Itawamba County.”

As for the old Ford Taurus that formerly served as Tremont’s police vehicle:

“I think the board’s going to clean up the old car and sell it, then put the money back into the police fund to restripe this car,” Thrasher said.

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