Chamber: Davis repaid for some expenses

By The Associated Press

SOUTHAVEN — Officials with the Southaven Chamber of Commerce say it reimbursed Mayor Greg Davis for expenses through his account with the organization.

The Commercial Appeals reports that how much Davis has been reimbursed over the years is unknown. The newspaper said it has filed a public records request with the chamber for more documents.

Chamber executive director Ginger Adams said the organization will seek legal advice before releasing any records. Adams said she didn’t know if Davis abused his chamber expense account, as is alleged on his city account.

At the same time, she said the organization never questioned Davis’ spending, saying she took the mayor’s word that his expenses were legitimate.

“Absolutely. Why wouldn’t I?” Adams said. “Whether he abused funds or not, it’s not for me to decide. … This is the state auditor’s job to look into these things. It’s not my job.”

Davis has come under increasing scrutiny since November when State Auditor Stacey Pickering told him to pay back about $170,000 for allegedly improper billings, including travel, stress counseling and food and liquor and a gay sex shop in Canada.

After news of the spending was revealed, Davis admitted he was gay and that he and his wife had divorced. Some of the money Davis was ordered to repay went to counseling for him and his family.

Lisa Shoemaker, a spokeswoman for the state auditor’s office, said the auditor has had no contact with the chamber, saying it investigates government entities only.

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