Chickasaw hires police dispatchers

By Floyd Ingram/Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – Police Chief Billy Voyles is elected to make sure people get help when they need it and Houston’s Board of Aldermen and Mayor are elected to spend tax dollars wisely.
The City of Houston turned police dispatching duties over the the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department 911 Center last week, a move that will change the way the municipal department does business.
Voyles told the board, with dispatchers gone from the downtown office, he is looking to staff that building only during regular business hours. Voyles said he is also concerned people looking for help at the police department after-hours might not get it as quickly as before.
“We’re looking to hire someone part-time and have them at the police department from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday,” said Voyles. “I’m also looking to put some kind of phone at the door so if people come up here looking for help, they can get it.”
Voyles said the police department number is still (662) 456-2554, but it will ring at the 911 center rather than downtown.
“They can still get an officer to come out or get in touch with me by calling the 2554 number,” said Voyles.
People wanting to pay fines or traffic tickets can go to City Hall during regular office hours.
Chickasaw supervisors and the city worked out an agreement earlier last fall where the county will handle the city’s dispatching for $100,000. The city was budgeting $165,000 annually for dispatching services.

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