Childers, group at odds over guns


A Washington, D.C., district rights advocacy group says it’s delivered more than 200 postcard petitions to Rep. Travis Childers, telling him to butt out of their business.
A few months ago, DC Vote announced its opposition to Childers’ efforts to repeal the district’s ban on firearms.
Childers said Monday that gun-rights issues anywhere are Mississippi issues.
The organization accused him of holding up the district’s legislation for full voting rights for its citizens.
“The petitions ask Rep. Childers to spend his time, and the sender’s tax dollars, on issues facing Mississippi, and to please stop interfering in D.C.’s local affairs,” said Leah Ramsay, DC Vote’s communications director.
The group urged 1st Congressional District voters to tell Childers what they thought about his actions.
Ramsay claimed that one postcard sender, rather than providing a name and address, wrote that the petition was from “The poor people of Mississippi,” and “Mississippi voted for you, not D.C.”
Childers said Monday that “protecting Second Amendment rights is a Mississippi issue,” not just of interest in the District of Columbia.
“If the right to bear arms can be denied anywhere, it can be denied everywhere – even here in the 1st District,” said Childers.

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