Cingular completes Mississippi GSM network


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TUPELO – In Mississippi, Cingular Wireless has brought service to its customers to a world class standard with completion of a satellite-based communications network.

The GSM system, or Global Systems for Mobile Communications, brings greater versatility to cellular telephone customers, said Calie Shackleford, regional public relations manager for Cingular Wireless.

“People often ask why wireless users in Europe can do so much more with their phones than we can here in the United States,” Shackleford said. “The main reason has always been the technology they use – GSM – which is now available throughout Mississippi for wireless customers.”

According to a wireless technology industry association, more than 70 percent of wireless customers around the world use GSM. The technology allows its users to access international roaming in 175 different countries.

“We have converted our customers on TDMA to GSM,” said Jennifer Bowcock, Cingular public relations director in the Atlanta office.

“This month we completed our GSM conversion and it opens the door for more data opportunities. For example, you can get phones now with e-mail, web browsers, Internet surfing and more multimedia services or data services.”

As with the previous system, GSM uses towers throughout the service area, but the technology and infrastructure has been upgraded, Bowcock said.

“This technology delivers a superior network, the widest selection of phones and advanced data applications, such as faster downloads on games, instant messaging and picture messaging, said Doyle Warrington, Cingular Wireless director of sales for Mississippi.

The GSM upgrade makes it possible for wireless phone customers to use their handsets as cameras, radios and MP3 players, e-mail devices, instant message tools, video game players, news delivery tools and Internet access mechanism.

“These features are no longer considered extras by many wireless users,” Warrington said. “They have become part of our customers' wireless value equation.”

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