City pool to reopen April 13

TUPELO – Rob Leake City Pool will reopen to the public in mid-April after a costly drain replacement that kept its waters off limits since late December.
Workers installed the last of the drains Monday and finished cleaning both the adult and children’s pool, which have been empty since February.
They planned to start filling the basins Monday night, but it will take until Wednesday before both are full, said Don Lewis, director of the Tupelo Parks and Recreation Department.
Although the pools will have new drains and fresh water, they won’t be ready for use yet. They’ll need to be heated first. And the bubble also will be removed. The bubble is the plastic dome that covers the pool during winter months.
Lewis said it’s removed each spring, because temperatures get too hot inside as outdoor weather warms. It will take about a week to get the bubble down, he said.
The pool closed to the public Dec. 19 when a new federal law went into effect. The law required special drains on all public pools to prevent drowning, but the city’s equipment was on backorder and couldn’t be installed until recently.
It cost approximately $15,000.
In the meantime, the pool remained open for the Shockwave aquatics team and other classes. But all that stopped last month when the pools were drained to start the work.
Shockwave coach Lucas Smith said his swimmers have been doing outdoor strengthening exercises to stay fit during the repairs. They can’t wait to get back in the water, he said.
They’ll have that chance – along with everyone else – when the pool reopens April 13.
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