Clay Co. reduces inmate numbers

By The Associated Press

WEST POINT, Miss. (AP) — Clay County has reduced by half the number of Starkville inmates it will now accept.

Clay County had reserved 15 beds for Starkville inmates, charging the city of Starkville $35 a day per inmate.

Now the number of beds reserves has been cut to seven.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said Starkville Police Chief David Lindley agreed to the change, which is largely due to costs to transport Starkville inmates to and from Clay County.

“Basically his problem is with the costs of fuel going up — a majority of those seven or eight are misdemeanors,” Scott said. “In other words, they’re getting locked up, they bring them over here, book them in and book them right back out of the jail.”

Scott said Oktibbeha County Sheriff Steve Gladney will provide eight beds at the Oktibbeha County jail to house eight Starkville inmates who are charged with misdemeanors.

Clay County supervisors agreed to the change.

Scott said Lindley is still aware that if the space needed exceeds what’s in the contract then the cost per day would be $42 the city of Starkville would have to pay.

Scott said the Clay County jail will lose several thousand dollars a month due to the revision of the jail agreement, but how much the jail will lose depends upon the overage by the city of Starkville.

“One day it may be seven beds used, and the next day it may be 18 so you just never know,” he said.

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