Club offers gardening tips

The Aberdeen Garden Club offers Gardening Care Tasks, things people can do this time of year to improve their gardens.


n Cut back perennials after flowering to encourage fall flowering.

n If putting in a perennial bed in the fall, amend the soil a few months before planting begins.

n Divide and replant irises; cut leaves back to six inches.

Trees and Shrubs:

n Newly planted trees and shrubs will need a total of one inch of water during the growing season.

n Fertilize spring-flowering shrubs in late spring or early summer after they finish blooming.

Seasonal Plants:

n Give special attention to fertilizing and watering containers and hanging baskets.

n Hanging baskets dry out quickly, so check daily.

n Mulch garden beds two to three inches deep with an organic mulch.

n Set out caladiums in shady areas.

n Fertilize if you haven’t done it previously.

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