Cochran refuses to discuss politics during Tupelo stop

Lauren Wood | Buy at Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton, from left, speaks to Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker on Friday morning at Joyner Elementary School. The two federal lawmakers spoke briefly at the school before visiting a rural medical clinic in Mantachie.

Lauren Wood | Buy at
Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton, from left, speaks to Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker on Friday morning at Joyner Elementary School. The two federal lawmakers spoke briefly at the school before visiting a rural medical clinic in Mantachie.

By Robbie Ward

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Embattled GOP U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, who is neck-deep in the political fight of his life, rolled into Tupelo today but refused to talk politics.

The six-term incumbent’s campaign bus arrived at the tornado-damaged Joyner Elementary School this morning, but the senator refused to answer and then ignored questions from reporters about the campaign.

“I’m not here playing politics,” Cochran said. “I’m here to help out.”

Cochran visited the small group of mostly public officials and campaign supporters for roughly 20 minutes, never entering the school.

As Cochran left the outside entrance of the school, a staffer shielded him from reporters asking questions.

“We’re running late guys,” the staffer said, his arm around the 76-year-old Cochran.

Cochran’s campaign had a scheduled stop at a rural medical clinic in nearby Mantachie, less than 20 miles away.

If Cochran didn’t see the event as a campaign stop, he didn’t inform supporters. As Cochran returned to his bus, longtime supporter Paul “Buzzy” Mize reminded the group to vote.

Cochran’s refusal to discuss politics seems baffling three days after finishing with less than 50 percent of the vote and 1,386 fewer votes than tea party darling and state Sen. Chris McDaniel, 41.

Mississippi’s GOP primary has turned into one of the nastiest political slugfests in recent state politics. It also pitted the state Republican status quo against activist tea party supporters who strive for less compromise on issues.

Big money, special interest PACs and super PACS have poured cash and support into the state to support and attack both candidates.

A June 24 runoff election between the two candidates will determine the Republican nominee to face Democratic nominee and former U.S. Rep. Travis Childers.

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  • DD

    Thad wanted to retire the GOP establishment has put Thad through a lot what a shame time for change Chris McDaniel on June 24th!

  • Sherry Swain

    THad is a true gentleman and statesman. I have seen him on many occasions put the interests of those present above politics. His record of representing and supporting Mississippi is on his .gov website. He doesn’t just talk. He has accomplished much for our state.

  • facts

    Replace them ALL!!!

  • DD

    Thad is catering to Democrats and also votes with Obama 50% of the time why wont he speak or debate? Because he is being help up by the Establishment and the Haley Barbour Klan He does not represent Mississippi Conservative values wake up people.

    • Thile

      What are “Mississippi’s Conservative Values,” exactly? Are those values bragging on raising educational standards, but not providing any resources or a clear plan on how schools meet those standards? Is it watching hospitals around the state lay off essential personnel or closing altogether, because our idiot legislature and guv are too stupid to expand Medicaid? Or how about giving away millions of taxpayer dollars to manufacturers and corporations under the guise of economic development? What about underfunding community colleges–the places where people go to get skills so they could get better jobs? Are those the “conservative values” you speak of? Maybe you should wake up.

      • the_rocket

        Whoa, hold up a minute. Lets not bring the facts into this. Chris’s commercial said he’s for god, guns, and getting a black man out of the white house. Don’t confuse everyone with reality.
        What I’ve yet to hear anyone address is that bad case of “crazy eye” that McDaniel has. Does anyone else think he has a Charles Manson-esque look when he talks to the camera?

      • 1941641

        Those “Conservative Values” the TP speaks of are manufactured and approved by the renowned Koch Brothers and other groups over in another “outside world”. These “Values” have $$$$ written on them. And, don’t forget the $500,000 $$$$$$ the tax-exempt money poured out in California by Tim Wildmon’s AFA (an outside of California bunch of meddlers) to deny Gay people their Human Righrts in that state under the guise of Proposition 8. “Family Values” is Right Wing Crock dished out to the simple-minded Christians as The Phony War- On- Christianity/Christmas all of which is just another farse/false issue, but fuel for the fires of the infamous elderly- abusing Tea Party!

    • 1941641

      I’d say it’s fine for Thad to “cater to Democrats” I am one and a Liberal one to boot! If Mc Danny manages to con himself and his escort of elderly abusing Hoodlums/TP Rat’s Patooteeos into the U.S. Senate, it will be a sad day for Mississippians, Very Sad!!

  • vechorik

    I’ve decided Cochran can’t function mentally/verbally. That’s the only answer to the questions involving the way he campaigns. It’s the only answer to “Why won’t Cochran answer questions?”

  • Barry Neyrey

    Amnesty : Cochran will vote FOR it because his backers Chamber of Commerce, Sanderson and Barbour all want more cheap labor in MS. : McDaniel signed a pledge to never approve amnesty.
    ObamaCare: Cochran said it’s good for the people and it can’t be repealed. McDaniel loudly proclaims that he will work to repeal every word of it.
    $17,000,000,000,000 debt. Cochran voted to raise the debt limit 20 times. McDaniel has voted against many wasteful borrowing bills in MS. McDaniel promises NO MORE SURRENDER.
    America’s problems today in the 21st century are not the same as the the 20th century. Thad, bless his heart, is not the same man as he was in his prime. It is clearly time for new blood in Washington.

    • 1941641

      There’s nothing wrong with “new blood” in Washington (Berney Sanders would be my choice). But, supporting a Tea Party elderly-abuser for the U.S. Senate seat now held by the Gentleman Senator Thad Cochran is going way too far to the ‘right’ and bad ‘wrong’! I, frankly, don’t believe the sane people of Mississippi will ever let it happen! The TP shenanigans already committed will send Cochran back to Washington to take care of business there that is awaiting his return.

  • DD

    Has Thad yet to challenge Obama on anything NO! Thile YOU need to move to California Most Mississippians are not for abortion yet Thad voted to fund Plan Parenthood Mississippi is a Conservative state if you vote to fund them then you are for it. The problem in Washington is the old GOP establishment they have moved away from their conservative values Thad wanted to retire but the Haley Barbour Klan wants to keep their lobbyist and are holding Thad up This its really sad that they are putting Thad through this

    • 1941641

      And, just as sad that The Club For Growth and Koch Brothers Club are busy financing Mc Daniels’ time in the Slammer for abuse of an elderly bed-ridden Mississippi nursing home patient. This will likely be the straw that beaks the back of the TP Hoodlums and their Mississippi mentor nation wide!

    • Thile

      Again with the “conservative values” oxymoron. Okay, what are your candidate’s plans to reduce debt? Those plans would be big news, as he’s never said anything definitive on them, or laid out anything on his website. And on the subject of Planned Parenthood: are you for Mississippi being one of the nation’s leaders in infant mortality and children born into poverty?

      And did McDaniel challenge the guv–a Thad supporter–when companies like Handy Hardware and Twin Creeks Technologies took millions in “loans” because they promised to bring hundreds of jobs to Mississippi back in 2012?

  • DD

    Looking and reading Thad’s face book I don’t see any difference on the people mind set that post their as any Democrat blog they use the race card, surrender to the liberal press and actually believe them has the establishment actually come to this? I knew they were bad but I can officially call them Democrats their beliefs are in sync.

    • 1941641

      the people[‘s] mind set that post their [there]

      If you’re planing on “reading Thad’s face book” maybe you should consider a course in English 101 before you start up again. LOL! And, while you are at it, a good lesson in the ongoing “elderly abuse” case focusing on the ultimate time in the Slammer for that crime you TPERS could get would be very useful to you, and, I might add, to Mr. McDaniel, a supposedly practicing Mississippi attorney!

  • Ben Barnes

    Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. I’m paraphrasing here, but this quote makes sense. We cannot continue sending the same people to represent us and expect them to actually represent us. Term limits will eliminate much of this. Although there are no laws preventing candidates from seeking additional terms, I would support a candidate who is self-disciplined to offer his/her public service for a limited time, then move into a career not involving lobbying at the Capitol.