Colder times ahead in NEMS

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – With temperatures expected to dip in the 20s over the next several days, pets, plants and people need to stay in a warm, dry place.
According to the National Weather Service in Memphis, starting tonight the temperatures will be in the low 20s. Even though this is winter and people expect some cooler weather, 20-degree lows are below normal.
Meteorologist Andy Sniezak said normal highs for this time of year are around 50 degrees and lows around 30 degrees.
Although there is a slight chance of snow for tonight, Sniezak said it’s unlikely.
Dilworth Small Animal Hospital Veterinarian Sara Nelms said dogs and cats need to have a warm place to rest when the weather gets extremely cold.
Just like humans, Nelms said, animals experience discomfort when the temperature drops.
Shivering is a sign that a pet is affected by the cold weather. If the animal has to be outside, its living quarters should be lined with warm, dry material.
Also people need to make sure that their pet’s water bowl isn’t frozen because dehydration will kill them before starvation.
Plants are also in danger when the temperature drops. Plants should be covered or moved inside to protect them from the cold.
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What do to with your plants in cold weather:
– Cover plants with cloth, not plastic. Plastic can trap moisture inside the covering, which would defeat the purpose of covering your plants in the first place.
– Cover your plants later in the evening to decrease the chances of creating and trapping condensation under the covering. That condensation could freeze and damage your plants.
– Move your potted plants indoors if you can.
– Don’t water your plants’ foliage. A freeze before the foliage dries could damage the plants. Soil moisture, however, actually helps retain heat and can protect plants. The key is to water only the soil, not leaves and blossoms.

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