‘Colonel Reb’ title now ‘Mr. Ole Miss’

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OXFORD – A longtime honorary title was replaced Tuesday night by the University of Mississippi Associated Student Body Senate.

Student judicial leaders last spring declared unconstitutional the title “Colonel Reb,” a popularly elected male honor roughly equivalent to the female honor “Miss Ole Miss.”

The new title, as decided by a 35-0 margin of ASB senators, with 10 abstaining, will be “Mr. Ole Miss.”

Those who held the title of Colonel Reb include Chancellor Emeritus and former football standout Robert Khayat and “Gentle Ben” Williams, the university’s first black football player.

Fall personality elections will take place Sept. 24.

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  • cindirutledgeparker

    Whatever. So stupid.

  • Kevin

    I’m sure folks will now bellyache some more about the so-called destruction of their “heritage.” Oh well, what do you expect for Mississippians? I mean, there’s more important things in the world today than clinging to silly titles and mascot names, whether it’s a Rebel, a Confederate, or a Bear. Get over it Ole Miss fans and find something worthy to complain about! For full disclosure, I’m an Ole Miss grad.


      Silly like ‘Mr. Ole Miss, silly?

      • Kevin

        I don’t see what’s silly about Mr. Ole Miss unless of course you factor in usual college silliness and their little popularity contests and all. I mean the female they pick as the “most popular” is called Miss Ole Miss, so why not call the dude they pick “Mr. Ole Miss.” It’s better than calling him by some antiquated nomenclature, “Colonel,” from the state’s white supremacy days.

  • DownGoesBrown

    Drinking Game:

    Each post equating the ASB’s decision with “political correctness” — 2 drinks

    Each post containing the words “black bear” — 1 drink

    Each post concerning a mascot change — 3 drinks

    Each complaint about a “slippery slope” — 1 drink

    Each post stating something about traditions (or the preferred “TERDISHUNS”) — 1 drink

    There. You should be good and roasted by dinnertime

    • Kevin

      I like your response–hilarious!

  • JD

    Mr. Ole Miss … LOL. That’s awful,

    [Anyone remember MIC MAN 2000 from the MSU-FLA game years ago?!?]

  • Beauregard Rippy


  • Ernesto Guevara

    As a minimum, “Mister” is sexist and ageist, and, “Ole” is ageist, racist, and scolionophobic. I’m multiple-offended.

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  • Jack Makokov

    This is a HOMECOMING KING title, folks. I’m sure this news upsets frat stars and dudebros everywhere.