Columbus seeks solution to complex parking woes

By The Associated Press

COLUMBUS— As complaints continue about the parking situation at the Columbus Soccer Complex, city and county officials are looking for solutions.

Lowndes County Board of Supervisors President Harry Sanders tells the Commercial Dispatch he has been in talks with Columbus-Lowndes Recreation Authority Executive Director Roger Short and Columbus Mayor Robert Smith to brainstorm.

He told the Columbus Board of Aldermen this week that they are close to a solution.

Sanders and the board unanimously voted to have a half-acre of property appraised on the north end of the complex for possible purchase.

Short said the tract would be used for additional parking.

According to Short, soccer registration numbers were good this year but he said he didn’t have official attendance numbers.

“It’s hard to tell what the spectator numbers are,” Short said.

Short said the county and city are discussing opening another street in Burns Bottom to further reduce traffic flow.

Addressing the traffic problem is only the beginning, Sanders said. The lack of restrooms and concession stands are is being explored by Sanders, Short and Smith.

The $5 million-plus soccer complex opened Sept. 22. It is the first phase of a park in the wetlands of the Burns Bottom area that also includes plans to connect to the Riverwalk.

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