Comcast to update speeds of Net, cable

TUPELO – Comcast will roll out digital cable service in Northeast Mississippi by the end of the year.
Because of the change, Comcast customers must have a digital converter box on each television set in order for the TV to receive broadcast signals.
The company said the change will add 50 more high-definition channels and on-demand titles. It also will at least double its Internet speeds, with faster service available for customers who upgrade their packages.
Comcast originally had planned to roll out the wideband digital service in August, but Patricia Collins, the senior director of government affairs for the Delta area of Comcast, said the date was pushed back.
The company doesn’t have an exact date yet, she said, but it will be between now and the end of the year.
“If you don’t do anything, then your TV will go black when it switches,” she said.
The company provides a certain number of the converter boxes for each household, depending on the customer’s cable package. There are two different types of boxes, as well. The digital set-top box gets on-demand titles, while the digital transport adapter does not.
Customers with the digital starter package, which Collins said is Comcast’s most prevalent package in the area, will get one digital set-top box and two digital transport adapters.
If a household has more than three TV sets, the customers will have to rent additional boxes for $2 each per month.
Comcast has begun mailing the boxes to customers, Collins said, but customers can visit their local Comcast office to pick up boxes too. In Tupelo, the office is at 353 N. Gloster St.
The digital rollout means changes for places that had free service before, such as libraries, government buildings and schools. Collins said Comcast is working out deals with the groups, but most are getting three free boxes per building.
“We know it’s a transition, but we know on the other side of that there are many more benefits,” Collins said. “This will put Tupelo on the scale with Memphis, Huntsville, Jackson. You will have all the same services as a major metropolitan city.”
For more information about the switch or to get help setting up a converter box, call Comcast at (877) 634-4434.

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If you need help connecting your digital converter box, call Comcast at (877) 634-4434.

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