Cooper Tire cleans up after small fire

TUPELO – Cooper Tire will spend this week cleaning up after a small fire at the factory Saturday afternoon.

No one was injured, and the equipment sustained minor damage, said interim plant manager Ron Roof.

Maintenence was being done on the curing machines, which harden rubber, when the fire broke out, Roof said.

“We had a good bit of water coverage in an isolated area, but it was close enough to the boilers that we shut the boilers off,” Roof said.

Tupelo Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Walker. It took about an hour to put out the fire.

The factory was on schedule to shut down Monday and re-open this Saturday, but after the fire, the plant shut down for the rest of the weekend. Roof said they are discussing the possibility of opening up the plant a day early.

Sheena Barnett/Daily Journal

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