Corinth city board arranges for removal of wood debris

CORINTH – A Columbus construction services and recycling company will be grinding up Corinth’s wood debris and removing it for recycling.
The city board approved a contract with Triangle Maintenance Service on Wednesday.
Wood products that the city collects from Corinth residents are taken to the city’s Class 2 rubbish collection site for natural vegetation – unpainted, untreated wood with no nails – and natural brick and blocks. The city rubbish collection fee includes $1 for this service.
Previously, businesses that wanted the material to make chips would take the material off the city’s hands at no charge. However, market changes have left the material accumulating for about a year, and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality has instructed the city to turn the material into chips or cover it over, said Street Commissioner Jim Bynum.
Triangle will provide the service at a cost of $500 per hour for grinding, not to exceed $20,000, and will pay the city a rebate of $6 per ton of processed material sold.
Based on the quantity of material the city has accumulated, officials estimate the city will end up paying $5,000 for the service after the rebate is applied.
Another quote from Athel Hacker Trucking’s quote was a flat fee of $40,000 to grind the material in Corinth, with no removal or disposal.
Triangle’s work will include grinding stockpiled wood debris, stockpiling the debris until it can be sold as boiler or hog fuel and loading and hauling the material to the purchaser.
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