Corinth gives aid as good neighbors

town_corinth_greenBy Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – With their community escaping tornado’s wild fury earlier this week, Corinth residents are showing compassion for those who are suffering, gathering donations through today to send to displaced families living in shelters in Tupelo and Louisville.

“The hospital was collecting donations from employees, but other people who didn’t work at the hospital wanted to know where they could take their donations,” said Cyndi Stockton. “I checked with my aunt to see if we could use some space in the (Harper Square) mall to collect donations.”

After getting the word out that they’d be collecting from a list of supplies on Thursday and Friday, Stockton and Amber Clifton had pallets and tables loaded with an impressive quantity of supplies.

“We had one business bring a pallet of water and the manager of a local motel brought in a bunch of blankets and comforters,” Stockton said.

They’ve received clothes, nonperishable food items, baby wipes, diapers and some formula. As a mother, Stockton said she knows how costly the baby formula can be, so she hopes they’ll get more of that.

“Someone has donated a 30-foot trailer that will leave at noon Friday to take our first load, and we’ll keep collecting as long as people are bringing things to donate,” Stockton said.

Clifton and her husband make trips to Tupelo three times a week, so they’ll continue to take loads as well.

“I’ve been racking my brain for more things for the kids, because I know they’re confused and scared,” Stockton said. “I’m thinking maybe we can get a store to donate some little boxes of crayons and coloring books, and that’s something I’ll work on Friday.”

Across town, members of American Legion Post 6 also were collecting goods to take to Tupelo.

Norman Lademan and J.T. Parker had made a good start Thursday on filling a horse trailer with supplies – no clothes – and will continue through 5 p.m. today.

“We didn’t know anybody else was doing this, and you have to make your mind up in a hurry to see if you could help,” Parker said. “It could just as easily have been us.”