Corinth officer-involved shooting ruled justified

djournal-In-the-NewsBy Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – An Alcorn County grand jury on Tuesday determined that the Corinth officer who fired his weapon on Jan. 9 while attempting to make a felony arrest, “was fully justified in discharging his service weapon and the other actions he took in responding to this incident.”

The Corinth police officer, Bradley Bishop, was named in the grand jury report, and Mississippi Bureau of Investigation agents Chad Cummings and Rick Fortner were listed as witnesses.

Corinth Police Chief David Lancaster turned the case over to the MBI immediately upon learning of the officer-involved shooting.

Shooting victim and suspect Chris Burrell, 28, was reported at The Regional Medical Center in Memphis to be in stable condition Tuesday with full recovery expected, said Corinth Detective Capt. Ralph Dance.

The Corinth Police Department reported Friday that Bishop went to a house on Allen Street after the police department received a call at 9:43 p.m. reporting a man with a gun had forced his way into a home. When the officer – Bishop – arrived at the Allen Street address, the suspect had left, and the officer went on to the suspect’s residence at 25 Clay Drive, where the shooting occurred.

Bishop has been on paid administrative leave since the incident but is expected to return to duty on Friday, Dance said.

Dance recounted a series of events throughout the day on Jan. 9 before the shooting occurred.

Police received a call from suspect Burrell’s wife, Tiffany Burrell, earlier in the day. She reported being robbed at gunpoint at her mailbox by three black males, two of whom she knew because she had hung out with them, and she gave their names.

She had waited an hour-and-a-half after the robbery before making the report, Dance said, and officers left after taking her report.

A call to the police from the Allen Street address to report a home invasion came about an hour later.

The Allen Street residents said a white male – later identified as Chris Burrell – kicked in their door waving a handgun, and demanding to speak with the same two black males his wife had identified.

He said the men had robbed his wife and he was there to show them what it felt like to be robbed.

The woman, who was there with her 14- and 9-year-old sons, told Burrell the men did not live there, while her older son called 911.

Burrell continued to threaten them and show his gun, but when they said the police had been called, he left. The woman from the house followed him outside and saw a white female sitting in his car.

The officer called Dance to relay the incident, and Dance said he told Bishop that if he could locate Burrell to arrest him for home invasion.

Bishop arrived at the Burrell’s trailer on Clay Street and knocked on the door. A voice from inside told him to come on in, but Bishop said “No, this is the police. You come outside.” The door of the mobile home opened and Burrell was standing there with a weapon pointed at the officer’s face, at which time he fired his weapon and hit Burrell.

The Allen Street resident, whom police declined to identify, later told Dance that a white woman she identified as Tiffany Burrell had been to her home earlier in the day looking for the same two men, and she directed her to where they lived across the street. The woman went inside the residence across the street, then came out and left.

“We are going to pursue charges for home invasion and possibly the wife as an accessory as soon as Burrell is released from the hospital,” Dance said.

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