Corinth police officers to receive new handguns

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – The Corinth Police Department is replacing 40 Glock pistols used by its patrol officers after the city board approved the purchase earlier this week.
The handguns are 10 years old, said Chief David Lancaster, and need to be refurbished or replaced. Glock estimates the replacement cost at about $164 per weapon, while the department is able to replace them at $127 per weapon with trade-in of the old guns.
“We’’ll be replacing generation 2 Glocks with generation 4 Glocks,” he said. “One advantage of the new guns is they’ll have interchangeable grips. Some officers need the smaller grip to make handling the gun more comfortable, while someone with a larger hand like mine would prefer the larger grip.”
The vendor with the lowest quote was Grenada Gold-n-Guns, with a total cost of $5,080 with trade-in. Other quotes include Barney’s Police and Hunting Supplies at $5,160 and Glock Inc. at $6,560.
Each weapon also will be fitted with a night sight. Direct purchase of the weapons without trade-in would be a cost of $414 each, for a total cost of $16,560.

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