Corinth Police searching for rape suspect

Crime StockCORINTH – Police are looking for a man who could be responsible for raping a woman in the Corinth City Park along South Parkway Street late Thursday night.

Corinth Police Chief David Lancaster said they were called to the park at 11:28 p.m. Thursday night where a man and woman reported being assaulted by a black male in his 20s who was wearing all black and a dark colored bandana at the time of the incident.

She was treated at the Magnolia Regional Health Center. The man was not treated for any physical injuries.

“I can’t give a lot of details at this point but we believe he raped the female,” Lancaster said. “She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.”

Lancaster said the suspect approached the two with a black handgun and then police believe he raped the woman.

Lancaster said anyone with information can call Corinth Detective Heather Glass at 286-3377 or Crimes Stoppers at 1-800-773-8477.

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  • Rick Ward

    See how well the No Gun signs work? Do you think a bad guy is going to obey them? The city needs to have their butts sued off for not providing security after making the park off limits with guns.

    • countrydawg

      Instead of screeching about No Gun signs, ask yourself a few questions:

      What cities in MS provide park security? Most cities have police patrolling park areas during their shifts, and city parks close at 9 or 10 PM; this crime occurred at 11:30 PM. Why would the city need “to have their butts sued off” in regards to this case?

      Did you actually read the article, or would that interfere with pushing a narrative that’s irrelevant to the story?

      • willerz

        Corinth park closes at Midnight.

      • neckred

        Think of it like an airport. Would you feel safe if they said “No guns on the airplane” and then they didn’t scan everyone and provide security, they just trusted you’d obey?

        I carry a gun everywhere I go. What good will security do me? If I’m attacked, I can get to my gun in less than a second. The security guard could take several seconds or minutes to get across the park.

        The park is a no gun zone, so it was extremely relevant.

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