Corinth Police upgrade dispatch system


Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – City police dispatchers are busy climbing the learning curve for the recently installed Computer Aided Dispatch system.

The system, which automatically logs all calls, significantly reduces a dispatcher's paperwork, said Deputy Police Chief Scotty Harville.

“Where this system will be most beneficial is down the road when it begins building up the statistics it captures,” Harville said.

In the meantime, the dispatcher continues to perform the duties the job always has required – fielding incoming calls and passing information along to on-duty officers.

An important element of the system, said Police Chief David Lancaster, is the integration of court and jail databases, which gives officers background information on subjects they encounter.

Routine operations such as running driver's licenses, checking car tags and checking for warrants can be handled more readily through the automated system, he said.

The CAD also logs information on locations, so when officers are dispatched to an address, information about previous incidents at the address is given to the officer, he noted.

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