Corinth ready to move on citywide street repairs

town_corinth_greenBy Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – The city of Corinth is ready to move ahead with citywide street repair projects after the mayor and each alderman have conferred with the street commissioner to finalize the project list.

The projects will be funded by a bond issue of about $1.6 million, with $100,000 each allocated to the mayor and alderman and some from the street department and the general fund.

Street Commissioner Philip Verdung presented the final agreed list to the city board during its regular meeting this week, and received approval to begin advertising for bids for preliminary work on the projects.

The streets to receive improvement work were determined by several factors, Verdung said.

• The severity of the problems and current road condition. If a road would require too much underlying work before milling and paving work could begin, it likely did not make the list.

• Streets that are slated for drainage and sewer work where the street will be torn up to make those improvements later.

• Streets with the most severe problems that receive heaviest traffic.

• Downtown projects, particularly in the south Corinth revitalization area, for sidewalks and handicap accessibility.

Verdung said street department funds will be particularly directed toward needs on North Madison, Fulton Drive, Shiloh Road and Harper Road, which are nearing the end of their life cycle.

He said the department also will fund a turn lane from Proper Street to the east onto Pinecrest to accommodate Kimberly-Clark trucks accessing their warehouse.

Verdung said he prefers to wait until later in the spring and closer to the start of work to announce the final list of streets to receive work.

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