Corinth to receive partial funding for junction upgrades

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – A vote by the Corinth city board taken last week, that will leave access to Liddon Lake Road unchanged from U.S. 72 and South Parkway, stands after a special meeting earlier this week to discuss the issue again.
About 50 people, among them several Liddon Lake Road residents, U.S. 72 property owners and employees of Brose Autoplex on South Parkway, attended the meeting to ask questions and offer opinions about the intersection design.
As originally submitted for funding by the Mississippi Department of Transportation, the design by city engineering firm Cook Coggin Engineers would have resulted in closing access from Liddon Lake Road at the traffic signal and constructing an alternate outlet 100 feet east on U.S. 72.
Under that original plan for the intersection – which included closing the Liddon Lake Road arm of the five-point intersection, widening
South Parkway to add a turn lane north of U.S. 72, and installing fixed-arm traffic signals – construction costs would have been paid at 100 percent to a maximum of $300,000, said Travis Wampler, MDOT district local public agency coordinator.
However, with the board-approved revision of the plan to implement only two parts of the project – widening South Parkway and installing the fixed-arm signals – construction costs would be paid at 80 percent by MDOT, with the city responsible for the other 20 percent. In both designs the city bears the full cost of pre-construction work.
During last week’s meeting with the Cook Coggin traffic engineer and MDOT traffic engineer, by a vote of 4-2 aldermen appeared persuaded safety concerns of Liddon Lake Road residents outweighed some of the intersection efficiency and waiting time concerns offered for U.S. 72 and South Parkway traffic.
Many of the comments Monday reiterated concerns on both sides of the issue.
However, Wampler clarified on behalf of MDOT that the city would not lose all of the funding offered by MDOT, and would still receive support for construction costs for 80 percent of the final project, up to $300,000.

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