Corinth's Cass, Bunch streets change to four-way stop

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – On Monday a busy intersection at Cass and Bunch streets in Corinth will become a four-way stop.
At 10 a.m. covers on stop signs for Bunch Street, as well as signs on Bunch Street warning motorists that there is a new “stop ahead,” will be unveiled at the intersection, said Street Commissioner Jim Bynum.
Until now the intersection has been controlled by stop signs and flashing red lights for northbound and southbound traffic on Cass Street approaching Bunch Street. Bunch Street traffic has had the right of way, with a flashing yellow light to use caution through the intersection.
Ward 1 Alderman Andrew Labas in early July recommended installing a four-way stop at the intersection, where traffic is usually heaviest on Cass Street. There had been three accidents at the intersection in the same week, and Labas said residents requested the change.
Action was postponed while Police Chief David Lancaster reviewed traffic data for the intersection. He found that with a daily traffic count of more than 5,000, there had been 15 crashes at the intersection in the past three years, three of which caused injuries. Based on his findings, the chief recommended that no change be made.
Labas advanced his concern to a motion to implement the four-way stop when an accident happened the day after the board’s first discussion of the issue, a motion that was approved by the board.

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