Corinth’s Easom lease finalized

By Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – Members of the Easom Outreach Foundation board of directors and Easom High School alumni can move ahead with planned community service projects now that a long-term lease has been signed with the city of Corinth.

The lease was signed on Feb. 21, and essentially is a 99-year commitment on the property, said Mayor Tommy Irwin.



“We’re glad to get that done,” Irwin said. “Easom means a lot to people, and its mission is to be heavily involved in the community. The aldermen and I are extremely pleased with the agreement we’ve reached.”

The historical significance of the property, particularly in the black community, made it even more important that the property acquisition be successful, said Samuel Crayton, president of the Easom Outreach Foundation board.

“The historical nature of this property means (a lot) to several generations in the Corinth community,” Crayton said. “Easom was an educational facility, but also served an even greater purpose in that it provided a social fabric for a community that had nothing else. Today, the Foundation is developing programs that can address many of the community’s social ills.”

The EOF board already has established a community feeding program, a summer feeding program in conjunction with the Corinth School District, periodic community events such as cultural events and health fairs.

“In the next couple of weeks a free clinic will be opening in the facility,” Crayton said.

Dr. Tom Sweat, a retired Corinth general practitioner, has been making preparations to open the free clinic for some time, and spoke in favor of EOF being given ownership of the property during a recent city board meeting.

“I know Dr. Sweat is eager to get the clinic up and running down there,” the mayor said.

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