Corporate merger spells out new name for Georgia Gulf in Aberdeen

By Ray Van Dusen/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – A merger between Georgia Gulf and PPG’s commodity chemicals business became official Monday by way of a name change. Axiall, a leader in the chemistry sector with holdings and expertise in chlor-alkali and chlorovinyl materials, ends more than 13 years under the Georgia Gulf name for the local plants, located in Aberdeen and Prairie.
“The merger gives us a strong suit moving forward in raw material supplies. Whereas before, we purchased the materials from PPG, but now it’s part of the company. This overall structure may give us overall growth for the future,” said plant manager Doug Knittig.
The new name combines the definition of ‘axial’ – relating to, characterized by, or forming an axis with its common presence in chemistry and construction. The two ll’s at the end symbolize Georgia Gulf and PPG blending together as one company.
The merger, five months in the making, was announced Jan. 14 and the signage was changed its plants earlier this week.
“Just as this week will go, everything will be business as usual here throughout the transition. In the following months, there will be a merger of the computer system and accounting, but we’ll continue to maintain our focus on the customer and supply our product,” Knittig said.
Axiall’s products include chlorovinyls, aromatics and building products. The merger fully integrates the company into the chlorine side of the business.
Knittig said with the increase in the housing market, there is promising news for the company as well. Axiall’s sales are roughly at $5 billion, making it the third largest chlor-alkali producer and second largest vinyl chloride monomer producer in North America.
The company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AXLL and stock traded at $51.55 Monday.

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