Council to release property to NDC

By Robbie Ward
Daily Journal

TUPELO – Tupelo City Council members likely will approve today the transfer of a city-owned West Jackson Street property to a nonprofit organization, ending direct involvement of elected leaders’ roles in day-to-day actions of neighborhood redevelopment efforts.

The Neighborhood Development Corp., comprised of mostly bankers and real estate professionals, likely will receive city-acquired property at 904 W. Jackson St., land formally bought by the city on July 3.

This begins the process of using the nonprofit organization for day-to-day actions instead of the mayor negotiating with property owners and the council approving the deal in closed session.

This is the first formal action for the NDC in the West Jackson Street area redevelopment project. During the previous administration in June, the council agreed to allow NDC to spend up to $250,000 per fiscal year to acquire property for redevelopment project. The council approved in September close to $3 million in total redevelopment funding.
City leaders have looked at improving declining and blighted neighborhoods as important to encouraging more middle-class people to move to the city and to retaining existing residents.
Ward 2 Councilman Lynn Bryan, who represents the area covered in the redevelopment project, said he appreciates this step in the process but looks forward to houses being razed.

The city plans to clear many of the properties and sell land to developers to build houses for middle-income families.

“I think progress is getting stuff torn down,” Bryan said.

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  • msr38801

    I would like to nominate the Southern Heights Neighborhood to be the next recipient for the redevelopment
    process. It will be ready for the attention by the time West Jackson is
    nearly finished and for the same reasons, lack of Code enforcement.
    There are trash bins that have not left the curb in years, cars parked
    in yards daily, some have even dumped gravel in the yard to make a
    ‘parking area’ despite code calling for pavement (concrete or asphalt).
    Unkempt yards and houses that could not pass rental inspection but are
    apparently alright for owners. A house was tore down on the southern
    most section of Green street last year and still has an open crawl
    space/basement with no barriers or warning tape. Everything that the DJ
    brought out in their multi-week articles on City Code Enforcement can be found in the Southern Heights Neighborhood. I have called Code Enforcement, Planning Dept and even the former Mayor’s Office…nothing has changed. So, I want to be first to nominate the next area for redevelopment.

  • Jon

    When are the apartments on West Jackson going to be demolished? I’ve got my lawn chair ready.