Councilman Bryan announces state Senate run

TUPELO – Tupelo City Council member Mike Bryan is entering the competition for the state’s District 6 senate seat.
The Ward 6 councilman announced his candidacy for the Jan. 11 special election at the Furniture Market on Monday afternoon. He became the fourth person to officially join the campaign to fill the seat vacated this month by Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo, who was elected to the U.S. Congress.
Bryan’s agenda includes economic growth, better schools, safe neighborhoods, a balanced budget and strong families.
Creating and retaining jobs is his top priority, he said, followed by education.
“We need to improve our schools by supporting our teachers and giving them the resources they need to teach the kids in the class,” he said.
The state’s Rainy Day Fund is a concern.
“I believe that we need to build up the Rainy Day Fund right now. Over the past couple of years, they’re draining it, and we’re losing it. I believe we can balance the budget without dipping into the Rainy Day Fund,” he said.
He promised more resources for police and firefighters and added that he supports the Second Amendment.
He also wants to keep Mississippi “the safest place for an unborn child.”
“I believe that we need to help boost the quality of life for all communities,” he said.
Bryan said he is a “proven conservative” and has the voting record to back it up.
“I’ve stood up for what was right, and I’ll continue to do that in Jackson,” he said.
Bryan, an insurance salesman, is active in his church, serving as deacon, Sunday School teacher and choir member.
“I have Christian values and it bothers me running an election during Christmas,” he said, “but I’m doing it for the people, and I’m running.”
The election is nonpartisan, meaning candidates will run without party labels. Also in the race are businessman Doug Wright, community activist Nancy Adams Collins and schoolteacher Stacy Scott.
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