County's garbage carts being distributed

Headline: County’s garbage carts being distributed
By Barbara Harrington
Senior Writer
The Monroe County Solid Waste Department is about halfway through the delivery of the new garbage carts, with completion expected by the first of July.
Billy Williams, Solid Waste manager, said one truck, out of three, is already running its whole route picking up from the new carts. A second truck should be doing the same by the end of May, with the last truck online by the first of July.
Williams said homeowners must place these new carts within five feet of the roadway on the day scheduled for their garbage pickup, in order for the truck to be able to access them for dumping. Williams also said everyone will have to use these new carts, even churches.
Calls have been coming in from people not receiving carts when their neighbors do. If someone does not receive a cart, Williams said, it is because either their address is wrong or they are not on the Three Rivers billing list. To be placed on this list, persons must call 1-800-253-0831. That same number can be called to be put on a list for a second garbage cart, for people who can’t fit their week’s garbage in the one 90-gallon container. Williams said there have been calls requesting a second cart. These will be delivered after all the initial carts have been put out, which should be by July. Williams said people should make sure they need the second cart, because this will mean an additional $6 a month on their garbage bills for at least a year.
All old containers must be removed within 30 day of receiving the new carts. The county will remove them if people want. Anyone who wants to keep theirs for other purposes must remove it from the roadway. Any garbage remaining in these must be removed, bagged and put in new carts to be picked up.
Williams said everyone needs to be patient as the county puts the carts out. Using 911 addresses, the county is scanning and designating each cart for a specific address, with the address embedded in the cart. He said it would be an easier task if people had their 911 addresses on mailboxes and houses, which is the law.
Reports have been coming in that carts are being stolen. Williams said the county will know where carts belong, and if one is found at the wrong address, they will notify the sheriff’s department. If there are two or three houses on a particular drive, the addresses will also be written on the carts, so people will know which is theirs.
Williams said the county has close to 2,000 people not getting a garbage bill. If these people do not call to have their names added to the billing list, the county will find out who lives in houses without carts and turn those names in for billing.
“Everybody needs to get in the system, be patient and wait on their carts,” Williams said. “They are coming. It’s a slow process. If everybody did what they were supposed to do, it would make it easier.”

Barbara Harrington

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