Coward urges BMC grads to become builders

By Blue Mountain College

BLUE MOUNTAIN – In her final remarks to Blue Mountain College students, Dr. Bettye Rogers Coward on Saturday urged the largest graduating class in the 139-year history of the school to become builders.
“As you leave these hallowed halls of learning, your responsibility is not to tear down or to be critical – anyone can do that,” Coward said. “Rather, your calling is to build up, which is the higher calling – to build lives and to build a better world.”
Coward, who at the end of June will step down after 11 years as BMC president, told the 129 graduates, “None of us inherited a perfect world. Our task is to make the world into which we were born a better one.
“The capacity to create and do good things is unlimited. You have received a fine education and now it is your responsibility to find your place in making the world you inherited a better one for the next generation.”

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